The Recovery Program: Structure

>   Recovery Program members record size and weight measurements and tag thousands of carp as part of a study to learn of the prevalence of carp in Utah Lake.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Herald.


The June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program has a two-tiered administrative structure currently made up of an Administration Committee and Technical Committee. A Program Director's Office manages the program and serves under the Administration Committee. When necessary subcommittees are established to address specific issues.

Administration Committee (AC) — The primary responsibility of the AC is to oversee and administer all elements of the program. The AC is responsible for the program's success.

Technical Committee (TC) — The TC is a subcommittee of the AC and their responsibility is to provide recommendations to the AC and the Program Director on all technical issues, such as the implementation of recovery actions.

Program Director's Office — The Program Director's Office is made up of the Director and his staff. The Program Director is employed by the Utah Department of Natural Resources. The Director reports directly to the AC.