The Recovery Program: Planning Documents

Recovery Plan (click to download plan) — The June Sucker Recovery Plan was finalized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1999. The plan identifies specific actions needed for recovery of the June sucker to occur. The Recovery Plan will be revised as the status of the June sucker improves or as other conditions warrant.

Five Year Strategic Plan (click to download plan) — Based on the Recovery Plan, a Five Year Strategic Plan will be created that identifies and prioritizes actions that may be accomplished in a five year period and the associated costs.

Program Guidance (click to download document) — Program Guidance is developed by the Program Director and staff based on the Five Year Strategic Plan and input from the Administrative Committee, Technical Committee and June Sucker Recovery Team. The Program Guidance document is intended to direct activities for one operational year. It identifies and prioritizes specific activities.

Annual Work Plan (click to download plan) — An Annual Work Plan is developed from the program guidance, with input from the Administrative Committee and the Technical Committee. The plan identifies recovery actions to be accomplished during the upcoming operational year, associated costs, and responsible parties.